Memory Mastery For Cabin Crew


    Course Curriculum

    Lesson 1: The complete beginner’s guide to understanding what memory is and how it works (Part 1)FREE 00:02:00
    Lesson 2: The complete beginner’s guide to understanding what memory is and how it works (Part 2) 00:08:00
    Lesson 3: How does the brain decide what to store in long-term or short-term memory, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. 00:03:00
    Lesson 4: The hard hitting facts about how constant flying deteriorates your memory and how you can reverse this 00:06:00
    Lesson 5: How 1 scientific study proved that regardless of your age, education level, or current memory abilities, you can develop a powerful memory 00:04:00
    Lesson 6: 6 key secrets memory experts regularly keep in check to have an outstanding memory 00:05:00
    Lesson 7: 8 powerful ways you can use your memory at your advantage in your job as a cabin crew 00:02:00
    Lesson 8: 5 tips to effortlessly remember key information when attending training courses 00:06:00
    Lesson 9: Learn Your first memory improvement technique. You’ll be astonished with your memory after this lesson! 00:00:00
    Lesson 10: The easier way to memorize long strings of number/digits rapidly 00:04:00
    Lesson 11: Use this simple memory improvement formula to remember important company circulars 00:00:00
    Lesson 12: The most important memory technique you can use to quickly memorise the names of your flight crew members 00:06:00
    Lesson 13: The great new discovery in food science that will cure your tiredness and reduce fatigue instantly 00:02:00
    Lesson 14 Learn a fun strategy that will help you remember interesting geographical and historical facts about different countries 00:02:00
    Lesson 15: Jet lag has been shown to cause long term memory and learning problems. Learn 5 easy ways to minimize this problem now 00:02:00
    Lesson 16: 1 simple way to convert memorised information from short-term to long-term memory 00:02:00
    Lesson 17: For just 3 to 5 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks you can 10x your memory power by following these simple rules 00:03:00

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